Detox–Day 6

The weight loss has definitely slowed, haven’t seen any major loss for the last two days now, and no I haven’t been slipping the sneaky hamburger on the side, although the thought did cross my mind.

Got a funny remark from one of the older ladies working here, she told me that everyday she sees me I am wearing a different colour, and I am very beautiful. Cant blame the lady if she has taste I guess, but makes you wonder, how many days in a row do the guests here wear the same clothes?

The big thing now is trying to work out ways to pass the time quickly, I have already watched two movies in the TV room, thinking about another. There is also the Dark Tower to finish… 50% through now, and maybe a visit to the beach for the first time if the weather holds up well…

3 more colonics to go… thank god…

1.5 days to go…


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As a full time father of two, and lucky husband to one, I spend my spare time helping companies to bring new technologies to the ASEAN marketplace.

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