Detox–Day 6 Mysteries Solved!

Well I might be the first person in the world announcing this so hold your breath…

I finally know what Santa does the other 364 days of the year. He runs a jeep and motorcycle rental place here in Koh Samui. I could help but laugh when I saw that. Plain as day, the only thing they were missing was a picture of the old fella on the side of the car saying “Lo Lo Lo prices guaranteed!”.

I made my way up again in to town, with new directions on where to go, turns out the last place I went to wasn’t even remotely the town centre, I took the right turn this time and ended up in the main district of Lamai, shops, restaurants (that was a killer, just the smell of food made me question the last few days…), shops, massage parlours, some that looked reputable, some questionable.

The one shop I did head in to was a leather shop, and checked out there wares… finding a decent leather belt in Singapore that actually fits me has always been a challenge, so it was great to find something that looked of decent quality. I ended up buying two, one black and one brown. She wanted to offer me one with a sizeable belt buckle of fiery eagle landing on some banner, but decided that might be a little too ostentatious for the office.

On the way back had another laugh on signs here, and wish I had my phones with me to take a snap. A small sign saying “Beware Dog that Bites!”, it was good advice, all I needed to do now was to make sure if I saw any I should avoid them. I guess if it was for security it made the right impact, I am sure that the sign “Beware Dog that will give you a stern talking to!”, would certainly not instil fear in any would be trespassers.

Might go and try for a Thai massage downstairs, see if that can help kill some time…


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