Detox–Day 7 (The final day!)

It was a beautiful day here in Koh Samui today, blue skies and scattering of white clouds. My only hope is that the weather stays this good over the next couple of days that Janet and Oscar are here. I cant wait to see them tomorrow.

Still didn’t do too much, did my colonics and had another Thai massage downstairs. The ladies there are really good and stretch you right out. I am sure as well that they aren’t applying full pressure as they do it, as I told them I am a bit soft. It is a very relaxing experience through, almost fell asleep doing it.

The ladies here know its my last day, so they have been preparing the last treatments for me. One involves a small bottle of clear liquid I am meant to drink before going to be tonight. I don’t look forward to it, it will probably taste pretty bad, but at least its the end road. Tomorrow I get to eat again, the trick is deciding what… I am told I should be eating raw food for the next few days, vegetables and such, but I cant get the thought that a pizza is out there with my name on it…

I remember the last time I finished a detox, and was craving something to eat. I could barely finish it, seemed my stomach had shrunk, and it probably going to be the same case tomorrow. Regardless I look forward to eating something, as I said, its not the hunger, but the taste of good food that I miss.

I met an Australian woman from Japan this evening, she was telling me how unimpressed in Singapore she was, because she got denied permanent residence, even though she was invited to lecture at NUS. SI found myself sticking up for the country I call home these days, although I don’t think she cared. She tells me she is on day two of her detox, and she was feeling pretty depressed. Unfortunately she was just too depressing to talk to, eventually I told here I had to go and drink my detox drink. I guess Day 2 is when the toxins start coming out, so maybe that was affecting her, but I did not want to let her get me down after coming so close to my seven day completion.

So tonight I will spend the remainder, trying to finish the last book of “The Dark Tower” series, and dreaming of something to eat.


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One thought on “Detox–Day 7 (The final day!)”

  1. Matthew, Am proud of you sticking out the detox programme. I know it would not have been easy as I have done one myself although only for five days not seven. Your blogs have been very illuminating and am looking forward to seeing a new slimmer you soon. Remember while you are doing this for yourself, you are also doing it for Oscar and Janet.
    Good on you son.

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