Detox–Day 5

Well the raining has stopped, at least for a while, although the clouds still loom grey over the island, so I am a bit worried about heading out and being stuck in the middle of it.

At the detox drink this morning I checked in on the weight and it seems I have lost another kilo. I guess there is going to be a sharp drop then slow down as the body balances itself out, but will see what the end result after 7 days is.

I managed to get one of the girls to let me take a picture of their t-shirt which I mentioned earlier, classic…


I also took the opportunity to get a facial from downstairs in the beauty salon. Had a good chat to the girl working there about the floods and life in general. She tells me her boyfriend is from the UK, and is here for a year doing Thai boxing training. I guess you have to envy someone who is willing to take a year off to get their ass handed to them in a Thai boxing ring. She said she doesn’t dare to watch anymore, but I am sure that with a years training, he must get pretty good, or be very disappointed. Maybe its a skill which comes in handy at pub brawls over in England, although it would probably look pretty funny when one guy throws a punch and the other guy is hopping around on one foot Smile.

Maybe I should get a little pair of Thai boxing shorts of Oscar and Jude (My brothers son), and set up a mini ring at Christmas for entertainment. I think Jude would win.

Anyway, the beauty salon owner was telling me that a lot of the matches have been cancelled on account of the rain, so I haven’t been missing anything. She said I could go down and watch them train in the afternoons, although that sounds like a poor substitute to me, kind of like watching the trailer for a movie and saying you have seen the whole thing.

At the end of the session she asked if I wanted to borrow some movies to watch while I was here. It was funny she asked, because the day before I bought a movie from the 7-11, Predators, I have seen it before but they didn’t have a very good selection. She asked if I got the English or the Thai version…

“There is a different version?”

Turns out, yes I got the Thai version, which I handed to her and said she could give it to someone as a Christmas present. Fair payment for the loan of the other two movies.

So I think that’s how I will spend my afternoon, chilling and watching movies, i daren’t risk an excursion out and being caught in the downpours if they are anything like yesterday.


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