Detox–Day 2

So its the end of day 2. This is the time I guess it gets harder…

Starting to really miss eating, and funny its not the hunger, although sometimes I feel the pangs, its more the missing of the taste of food.

Had two colemas today, they seemed to go pretty well, still flushing out the bad from the system.

Also decided to go for another walk in to town, just to kill the boredom. It’d funny, its not just a detox from food, but also one from TV etc. Unfortunate thing was I got stuck in the rain, and to wait it out for an hour under the roof of a shop that was closed.

I am sure there is some sort of mental and physical hump to get over to not be tempted by the good food around here, will have to wait and see how I fare tomorrow.

Also managed to finish “Wolves of the Calla”, and on to Song of Susannah, the reading kills the boredom but I do miss  Janet and Oscar, and looking forward to them coming on Friday.

I think tomorrow I might try and head out to a reptile park or something between treatments, just to keep the mind occupied.

I keep saying to myself that its just a week, and maybe the downer is coming from the toxins being expelled, lets hope its not for too long…


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One thought on “Detox–Day 2”

  1. We are arriving on Sat, not Fri.
    Good work staying on track with the detox.
    You should try to schedule in a Thai massage (not the dodgy kind!)

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