Detox–Day 3

The day has started off with another down pouring of rain, seems to be the season here. So after the first detox drink I shrunk back in to bed to catch a few more ZZZs. If there is one good thing, I have managed to catch up on a lot of sleep I haven’t had for a while.

After the colonic, I thought I should go and take some pictures of the spa resort to show, to be honest I haven’t even had a look myself yet, so I checked out the beach, but with the weather not great, I took some pics from the balcony of one of the areas.


I love how this Panorama feature on Windows Live Gallery works, and the fact I can take around my Windows Phone as my major camera.

They also have a fairly nice setup here for these rooms called the A-frames, they look more traditional and  probably charge more, but they seem small, and I am happy I got the larger standard room, although not really doing anything that would make use of the space.


I am trying to think now what to do with the time in between so I picked up a few brochures of activities, and am thinking about wither the Aquarium or the Croc farm. There was also one attraction which involves entering a large ball and being rolled down a hill, sounds interesting.

Oh, by the way and I am sure everyone is thinking about this, how much weight have I lost since starting. Well I don’t think its going to be something amazing in terms of dropping weight, but I think I have lost about 2 kilos since I started, I am now at 130kg, still not an ideal weight, but two kilos off is a good start. I will try and make sure I update with the weight loss every day so you can see the progress.

Anyway, the most immediate challenge now is laundry, and where to get it done, check in with you later!!