Make a move

I have recently made a pretty enormous step with regards to my own career development. One which involved in making some pretty tough decisions. In this regard I have made the leap to step out of Microsoft and try my hand at a new position in a new company.

I’ll keep details on the actual move under wraps for now, but will surely make sure I announce it when I get started. I am really really excited about the new opportunity that lies ahead of me, and am enthused by the support of those that I am about to start working with.

There will be many people asking why…

Why did I leave Microsoft, was it

  • A bad review… nope, just had a great review
  • Not enough money… I guess you can always say you are never paid enough, but I was doing ok from this regard.
  • Job got boring… errrrrmmm Windows 8 anyone?

Absolutely none of that, the fact is, it was none of those things, it was that a pretty fantastic opportunity was offered and it would have been crazy to say no.

That being said Microsoft has been and still is an awesome place to work, and I am pretty excited about all the work that is going on over there especially with Windows 8.

But the biggest thing I will miss, and its cliché to say, will be the people, man we had some awesome times, with some awesome projects and events, they were a blast. You guys all know who you are, and this is not goodbye, more a see you later.

There is no better song I guess to some it up, then by those crazy monkeys from Incubus with the title track from the movie Stealth (I actually really liked that film, watched it a lot, have it on DVD and Blu-Ray).

Here’s to making a move…


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As a full time father of two, and lucky husband to one, I spend my spare time helping companies to bring new technologies to the ASEAN marketplace.

One thought on “Make a move”

  1. I have great admiration of your career change. You dare to leave the old good environment for the new one. Not many peoples do. Wish you always successful and happy on the new job.

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