Detox–Day 4

Still raining in Koh Samui, guess they have seen a lot of that here based on the news. So haven’t really had a chance to venture out again.

I weighed in this morning during the first detox drink, and found that I have lost another 2 kilos, so things are going well.

Decided that if I was stuck here, I should avail myself of some of the services on offer, so headed to the beauty shop downstairs and had a manicure and pedicure. They did a very thorough job, haven’t seen so much skin come off the feet before, but it feels great.

Got a tip on some Thai boxing tonight, not far from here. They told me its lady Thai boxing, so that should be interesting, just hopefully I get some relief from the rain.

I also managed to finish reading “Song of Susannah” yesterday, so I am now on to the final book, “The Dark Tower”. Interesting how Stephen King writes himself in to the story, it would seem egotistical, but its done very well. I guess its a way of Stephen King explaining why it took him so long to finish the series.

I also met the guy in charge of mediation here, a German fellow, says he has been living here for the past three years. Seems to be a lot of Germans working here, must be because of the similarities between lifestyles of Thai and Germany Smile.

Saw the funniest t-shirt worn by the staff here at the resort. It says “Shit Happens @ Spa Koh Samui”. Must have some of the marketing people with a sense of humour to poke fund at themselves on that one. Will try to get a picture of it.

Also ran in to a guy who has been on the 7 day program which I met the first day. He said today is his last day and feels so much better for it. He even indicated that I looked a 1000 times better since I started, although I am sure the treatments are part of that, I credited it to the fact I have been getting a whole lot of sleep while I have been here, regenerating post launch.

Anyway, considering having a nap again, with the rain it makes it pleasant. Then maybe going back to the beauty shop for a facial as well, make myself pretty for when Janet and Oscar come on Saturday. I do miss them terribly, and cherish the nightly phone calls just to hear their voices.

Take care and will try and report in on the Thai boxing if I am able to get out there.


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